Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cookbook of the week #4: Hjemmets Kokebokklubb: Sommermat (Summer Food)

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This cookbook comes from a series published by Hjemmet, which I think also publishes the womens' weekly magazine of the same name. I have this book in the original Norwegian, and several others from the Icelandic edition of the series. The theme is "summer food", i.e. picnic food and dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients, cold drinks and fruit and berry desserts. Since summer is showing definite signs of ending soon, I decided to test this book before autumn sets in, although I generally don't cook different dishes in the summer than I do in the winter, formerly seasonal ingredients now generally being available year round.

Here are some of the recipes I would like to try:

Apple-white wine punch. I would try to make it into a cocktail.
Barbecued pork kebabs with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. I can almost taste them…
Cauliflower Pie. I like baked cauliflower, and this looks like the next step up.
Spicy potato croquettes. These would be nice served on the side with the kebabs.
Cold cucumber soup. Sounds very refreshing.
Rhubarb tart. I love rhubarb and I have some of last year's crop still in the freezer.
Glazed fruit tart. I love these, but have never tried making one.
Chocolate ice-cream. I always make vanilla and then add extra flavour by using sauces and liqueurs, but I would like to try making chocolate ice cream for once.
Strawberries Romanoff. I think these would be quite nice as a dessert after the kebabs.

I think I have a meal planned already :-)

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