Monday, September 17, 2007

Cookbook of the week #7: Quick Dishes

This book comes from a cookbook series that my mother bought through her book-club to give me. I have the whole series (I think), a total of 11 books, but I have never made so much as a single recipe from any of them, so I guess it is about time I did.

The focus is on Scandinavian cookery, with a touch of the international. There are photos of every dish, and you can tell that a lot of work went into making the books look appealing.

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The theme of this volume is dishes that can be made quickly by using only a few ingredients in each dish. To this end convenience foods feature in many recipes, like canned soup, frozen vegetables, potato flakes, etc., in other words, foods that most home cooks use but you don't often see in recipe books because it's fashionable to make everything from scratch. Although I do use stuff like frozen veggies and canned beans and I usually buy frozen puff pastry rather than make it, there are still recipes in this book that turn my stomach, e.g. the canned asparagus soup with canned fish loaf, but I did promise I would try one recipe from each book, didn't I?

Here are a few recipes that I like the look of, translated using my best kitchen English with a smattering of restaurant French:

Fish soup with mushrooms. This uses fresh fish but the soup comes from a can.
Gourmet cauliflower. Baked cauliflower with spinach and Hollandaise sauce.
Saffron mashed potatoes. Saffron and potato flakes? Interesting combination.
Herring á la maison
Stuffed herring fillets
Beef patties with onions
Chicken amadine au gratin
Grapefruit with brown sugar and nuts

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