Monday, September 3, 2007

Cookbook of the week #5: The Silver Palate Cookbook: Delicious recipes, menus, tips, lore from Manhattan's celebrated gourmet food shop

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Authors: Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins with Michael McLaughlin. Illustrations by Sheila Lukins.

I have the first edition of this (justly) famous cookbook that was first published in 1982. It was a lucky charity shop find for me, at only 200 krónur (about 3$). It has just been republished in a 25th anniversary edition, with colour photographs in addition to the original drawings and I urge anyone who is seriously interested in cooking and good food to go out and buy it.

This is one of the few cookbooks I have that I actually use (I also read it for fun), but there are still many, many recipes in it that I have never tried. By the look of it the previous owner did not use it much, although they did leave a slip-on bookmark on one of the pages, at the exact same place where the spine had been broken, so I suppose they used at least one recipe (Chili for a crowd, p. 130).

The book is lovingly illustrated by Lukins and is among of the prettiest of my cookbooks.

Instead of listing the recipes I'm most interested in, I will simply pick one I like the look of for each day.

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