Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Moroccan recipes

Here are links to some collections of Moroccan recipes. I only picked a few that looked good, but if you have a link to other good websites with Moroccan recipes, including blogs, please post it in a comment to this post.

The first collection is an extract from Bea Sandler’s The African Cookbook. There are only 6 recipes, but there is also a description of a Moroccan dinner and suggestions as to how to serve Moroccan food authentically. Check out the other extracts from the book as well.

Maroque Moroccan recipes. This is mainly an online shopping site with Moroccan goods, but there are a number of yummy recipes as well.

A large collection from various cookbooks: World Health Circle of International Cooking

Moroccan food at AllRecipes

One more:
Riddled with advertising. Probably has pop-up ads as well. Astray recipes

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